Adding the expertise of a Chief Info Security Officer on demand

With a wide variety of current and emerging security threats, companies managing their own information security often lack the in-house resources required to address all aspects of the design, implementation, and operation of a comprehensive security management program.

CyberSurance is a leader in providing cyber-security consulting services with a focus on facilitating resources and expertise to help business organizations navigate the complexities of developing and operating a security management program.

Our highly renowned ‘CISO AS A SERVICE’ program is ideal for organizations that currently do not have the on-staff expertise of a Chief Information Security Officer.   Some of the many advantages of the CyberSurance CISO AS A SERVICE program include:

Strategic Vision:

It is essential to build a strong foundation that will support the structure of any construction project; the CISO oversees the architecture of the overall security design by proactively aligning the information security governance framework with organizational goals.

Tactical Expertise:

Executing a strategic security plan requires up-to-date industry knowledge and expertise with identifying and implementing appropriate safeguards and countermeasures, along with security baselines that meet industry best practices.

Management Oversight:

Balancing business opportunity with business risk is a challenging endeavor for every organization.  A CISO can be instrumental in reducing an organization’s threat exposure to an acceptable level by minimizing business risk that stems from cybersecurity. Designing and executing contingency plans for maintaining business continuity is just one of the many management oversights that a CISO can offer.

By augmenting existing security strategy and operations staff with a security consultancy, enterprises can take advantage of the expert skills, tools, and processes provided by the security consultancy experts and significantly enhance the security of the organization without making a large investment in technology and resources.

CyberSurance is a leader in the cyber-security consulting arena and has served as a strategic partner to many top companies in the financial, healthcare, defense, transportation, communications, entertainment, and e-commerce industries.  Our cybersecurity consultants have served as Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) and are certified and experienced in ethical hacking, risk management, security management, security auditing, and business consulting.  CyberSurance has the expertise and experience to put your security management program on the right track – consulting services for a secure and resilient cyber-space.

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