Penetration Testing

Finding the broken doors before the bad actors walk through them

The highly de-centralized world of distributed computing that we now live in — with virtual servers, smart phones, cloud services, tablet computers, Wi-Fi, laptops, and more – has provided cybercriminals and other bad actors with a greater attack surface and easier access to sensitive data. With an ever-growing list of advanced threats and targeted attacks, deeper penetration testing is needed to augment existing vulnerability management processes. Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing work hand in hand to close potential openings available to attackers.

During penetration testing, CyberSurance engineers proactively identify security holes by simulating an attack from a malicious source by conducting extensive exploitation testing. We leverage our expertise by using multiple tools and techniques to minimize false positives and determine the true level of risk exposure. Our testing procedures are comprehensive and conform to industry best practices — and our certified engineers adhere to a strict code of ethics to ensure trust and safety.

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