Security Audit / Assessment

A thorough examination of your current cybersecurity health

A detailed security assessment / audit can help protect information assets and maintain continuity of business operations by examining the components of the overall security management program. CyberSurance security experts will serve as your strategic partner to align the appropriate security framework with the security goals of your organization. We assess, consult, and report on the current state of your security, and help you make informed decisions and take appropriate actions.

With a breadth of modular service options available, a CyberSurance security audit provides a detailed and comprehensive blueprint of the existing security state, along with a detailed road map for moving forward. We focus on the aspects of security that are critical to your organization by identifying the specific requirements and providing a scalable, customized assessment program that is meaningful and actionable.

We assess both your physical and logical environments by using a customized approach with industry-proven processes and procedures. We provide a detailed analysis through exhaustive testing of your security policies and controls.

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